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River Monsters

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

What a cracking time had by all last week. With two 58lb fish coming out, top rod was decided by a mere couple of ounces. All swims were fished by Ricky, Graham and Sean. By having a double swim on their own, they could cover most of the lake and it paid off for them. There was a 38.5lb average across the 15 carp landed. A wide range of fish were seen and it truly shows off the beautiful variety we have to offer at Forest View.

Luckily these big girls have maintained their weight through lock down. We were hopeful for most of the high 50's to be pushing into 60 this year. Fingers crossed for the end of the season after they've packed some weight on.

Total Weight: 575lb

Fish: 15 (10 mirrors, 5 common)

Average: 38.5lb

Biggest: 58lb

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