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Upon entering Forest View Carp Lake you will see the lodge. It is situated just a few metres from the lake edge. This facility is free to use by all anglers and guests, however a £50 per person refundable security deposit is required on arrival. This is to cover any accidental breakages and/or damage that may occur. The security deposit will be returned to you at the end of your holiday once everything is checked and found to be in order. 


Inside the lodge you will find a complete kitchen with all utensils and cutlery.  There is a table and bench arrangement where you can sit in comfort and enjoy your meals. Adjacent to the lodge are toilet and shower facilities.


Equipment in the lodge includes: gas fridge, cooker, sink and all utensils you might need during your stay. 


There are new fisherman's cabins at each swim but enough space has been left for your own bivvies if preferred. As we have the cabins, anglers bring their own bivvies should they wish to use one. However having the choice of a cabin to sleep and relax in, we feel, is a great benefit.


Before continuing please check the Food and Bait plus Equipment pages to see what deal best suits your party.


Please note, we only offer exclusive rental of the lake so other guests cannot be placed with you at the same time. The maximum of 5 anglers will never be exceeded.


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