Lake & Facilities

Forest View Carp Lake can be found nestling in the heart of the Limousin-Haute- Vienne National Park. This 6 acre carp fishing lake is surrounded by over 83 acres of woodland and set in breathtaking French countryside. With it’s own fresh springs of natural mineral water Forest View Carp Lake is a must for anglers!


This carp fishing lake offers superb fishing in a peaceful and idyllic environment with an abundance of wildlife all around. The beauty and tranquility of this location lends itself to those that like to fish a remote and isolated lake. Being a lake that separates the experienced from the novices, you will enjoy the chase and challenge of the catch. Fishing licenses aren't required by anglers.


The lake can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 5 anglers (4 if flying in) on 3 double pegs. New cabins have been designed and built on each swim to give the choice of a bivvy or a cabin. All fisherman have their own space to call home for the week.


A large lodge with full cooking and kitchen facilities is on site with an eating and barbecue area. All pots, pans, cutlery and utensils are supplied. A large modern shower room with flushing toilet is on the side of the lodge.


The lake varies in depth from 2ft to 11ft and has a varied base of gravel - sand - and shallow silt, predominantly silt.

Forest View Carp Fishing Lake has been heavily stocked with fast growing French and Belgium Royal Carp weighing to over 80lb+.


In November 2008 the first stock was introduced to the lake, then during the winter of 2009 a second stock was added. Quality stock was sourced from one of the best fish farms in France. The lake was opened to the public in 2011.  The average size of fish being caught is over 40 lb and most catch fish exceeding 50lb. 


The lake record at the moment stands at 82lb and is also backed up with many other 50lb+, 60lb+ fish!

A netting in the winter of 2017 revealed what stock we have. There were around 150 large carp, and with 20 above 50lb most will have a new personal best here. In 2019 our netting was mainly to remove the silver fish in the lake. With over 600lb removed this will give our fish plenty of space, food and oxygen to grow. 


The price for an exclusive weeks hire at Forest View Carp Lake is £1,500. Please see booking form for a detailed price list of all other extras we provide.