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Fishing Rules

The following are strict rules for Carp Fishing at Forest View


A huge investment has been made at Forest View Carp Fishing Lake to ensure the quality of our fish and the lake surroundings. We are extremely passionate about our business and want to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction which many have praised us on.  We ask for your help and cooperation by adhering to the rules as they are there for your safety and for the wellbeing of the fish and their environment. Together this increases your chances of landing a Personal Best Carp!


The Rules are not in any order of importance, but ALL need to be adhered to at ALL times.


  1. Sacking or retaining of any fish is not permitted under any circumstances.  All fish are catch and release after weighing/photo process

  2. Fishermen holding fish for photos must do so in the lake itself.  The perimeter of the lake is comfortably shallow enough to do this.

  3. All nets, weigh slings and mats are supplied. No need to bring your own net or mat or weigh sling.

  4. No Shelf Life Boilies. Frozen fresh boilies only. 

  5. We recommend hooks to be no larger than size 4 and no smaller than size 8. All hooks are to be micro-barbed. No barbless hooks.

  6. No Nut baits i.e. Tiger Nuts and Peanuts.

  7. Only Particle Baits professionally prepared. No preservatives.  If bringing your own baits then please tell the bailiff before opening tubs/tins to avoid any doubt. 

  8. All anglers must not leave rods unattended whilst lines are in the water.

  9. Unhooking mats or cradles MUST be used at all times and are suitable for 50lb+ Carp and Catfish.

  10. No Fixed Rigs or Death Rigs of any description (Semi Fixed Rigs must come apart easily). Lead Core and Leaders are not permitted

  11. Minimum 15 lb. breaking strain line to be used on main reels.

  12. Three rods maximum per angler or 15 rods per group.

  13. Braid and Hybrid line are not permitted as main line, i.e. Fireline.  Braid may be used as hook length material or for spod and markers.

  14. Vehicles must stay in car park. No driving along dam wall.

  15. Please note it is a condition of our insurance that ALL visitors to the lake must be aged 18 or over.

  16. Ensure all litter is disposed of properly in the appropriate bins provided.  The lake and surrounding area is supplied clean and tidy, we ask that on departure it be left the same way. The Lake bank is rat free and we ask that any food waste be disposed of in the bins provided also.

  17. No Glass.  This includes beer and wine bottles.  Cans and cartons only.

  18. Bait Boats are permitted.  There are rowing boats provided on site, however you MUST wear a Life Vest at all times during use.

  19. No Naked Flames are permitted other than the sensible use of Cooking Stoves. This means no Camp Fires.  Please take great care when using stoves.

  20. Never wander onto other people’s property and bear in mind property boundaries are not always clearly marked.

  21. We will visit the lake regularly and during one of those visits we will ask to check one of your lines that is in the water.  This is to ensure our rules are being adhered to at all times.

  22. Bailiffs will treat all parties with the utmost respect and courtesy.  We expect that to be reciprocated to us, our representatives, any visitors or local residents at all times.

  23. Report any damage or we will have to assume it happened during your stay.

  24. For Safety reasons the minimum party size to hire the lake is 2 (two) persons.

  25. No Swimming.

  26. Do not climb any trees or buildings on site.

  27. PLEASE REMEMBER, Water is potentially dangerous so be safe and sensible and above all ENJOY your holiday.


Terms & Conditions

A huge amount of time, effort and money has been spent to make sure we have some of the best Carp Fishing in France today. It isn’t an accident we have some very big Carp in Forest View Lake and they do so well here, this is due to the quality of the water and the care we take. You have a significant part to play in maintaining this situation and we ask that you take great care of yourselves and of the fish and their habitat as well as the surrounding woodland. Thank you very much for your support.


Following receipt of your booking form we will send you a confirmation and a detailed invoice setting out the full cost including any extras

requested. The holiday and due dates for payment will be detailed on the invoice.


  1. The Deposit and Balance of your holiday rental must be paid by BACS to the Bank Account for Forest View. The payment will be calculated in Sterling. Full payment details will be set out on the invoice.

  2. £500 deposit will be required within 28 working days from the date of your invoice.

  3. The remaining balance of your holiday must be paid at least 10 weeks before your arrival.

  4. An accidental damage deposit of £50 per angler/guest for the lodge will be taken on your arrival and further security deposits are payable if you hire equipment. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available to avoid an unnecessary trip to a local Bank. We will confirm the total amount required when talking with you prior to your arrival. On your departure all security deposits will be refunded in full subject to no damages being incurred. Deductions will be made for breakages and damage as well as litter clearance and any other unforeseen expense due to carelessness or accident.

  5. In the event of non-receipt of the deposit the holiday will be cancelled and in the event of non-receipt of the balance we reserve the right to retain the deposit monies in full to cover administrative costs.

  6. If you cancel in writing less than 8 weeks prior to arrival then we reserve the right to retain all funds paid in full unless we can re-let the lake for those dates

  7. If you cancel in writing more than 10 weeks prior to arrival and your holiday has been paid in full, we will refund some of the balance excluding any cost of bait ordered and reserve the right to retain the initial £500 deposit to cover administrative costs/short notice rebooking compensation.

  8. Should you need to change the date of your holiday week to an alternative available week you must inform us in writing within 10 weeks of your arrival date. Wherever possible we will make the necessary arrangements and confirm in writing to you. The revised dates have NOT been confirmed until you have received in writing our confirmation and there will be a small administration charge of £25 in these circumstances. Dates can only be changed once.

  9. Please ensure appropriate travel insurance is taken out immediately after your booking is confirmed to ensure, in the event of cancellation, you can make the necessary claim for reimbursement.

  10. Forest View Carp Lake cannot be held responsible for ANY of the following that may cause delays or problems with your holiday however caused. We are not obliged to resolve the matters, as it would not prove possible for us to do so.
    -Personal Injury
    -Loss Damage to Personal Property
    -Any Delay
    -Events out of our control e.g.: Domestic Appliances Breaking Down, Burst Pipes and Car Breakdown etc.
    -Force Majeure
    -Political Unrest
    -Port or Airport Closures
    -War or Threat of Terrorist Activity
    -Industrial Disputes
    -Technical/Weather Problems affecting transportation
    -Act of God or ANY event out of our control

  11. On arrival an appointed representative will make themselves known to you and undertake a tour of the lake and facilities. We are totally committed to ensure your holiday is pleasant, enjoyable and hassle free. We do make it clear however that any decision made by our representative will be final. You should take this opportunity to note any items that are not to your satisfaction or any breakages we are not aware of. If you do not then you may have deductions made from your security deposit as we will assume the damage was incurred during your visit.

  12. All parties/individuals within your party/group/family travelling to Forest View “must” have full personal and medical insurance. The organizer is deemed to be the person named on and who sent the original booking form and it is their responsibility to ensure that everyone stated on the booking form has full cover. By submitting the booking form the organizer accepts that Forest View Carp Lake will not accept persons without this cover in place.

  13. Firearms and any weapons are strictly prohibited at any location including air rifles.

  14. Dogs may be permitted by prior arrangement but will remain the responsibility of the owner at all times who must ensure the dog is kept under control and any damage to property or livestock must be paid for.

  15. All rules and conditions are to be strictly adhered to at all times to avoid risk of being removed from the location/property with the loss of all monies paid. The rules are in place to protect you, the fish and wildlife at the location as well as our neighbours and we ask that you respect them at all times.

  16. Please remember water is inherently dangerous and never play around water under any circumstances. Children are never to be let out of your sight. Always look out for signs of anyone in distress and take appropriate action. Life Vests are supplied and MUST be worn if the rowing boats are used. It is your responsibility to ensure your own personal safety at all times and Forest View Carp Lake cannot take any responsibility for failure to observe the rules and guidelines.

  17. No Swimming or Diving.

  18. No Littering – Please dispose of litter in the waste bins provided or take it with you. Any problems disposing of items please let us know and we can assist with arrangements for proper removal.

  19. No throwing of anything other than bait into the Lake.

  20. Alcohol – Take great care and note the following - Alcohol often contributes to drowning. It impairs judgement, encourages greater risk taking behaviour, reduces coordination, impairs reaction time and reduces the effectiveness of CPR, should someone require it. On average, approximately 25% of adult drowning deaths each year involve alcohol, with 44% of these occurring near rivers, creeks and streams. A further 9% of these occur in lakes, dams and lagoons.

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