Packages & Pricing

Pick up and drop off service to and from Limoges airport is included in all prices if you fly in. We have a 4 anglers maximum unless sorting your own transportation on flying groups. Please note all ferry crossings, flight transfers, insurances and travel costs are the responsibility of the customer to organise and pay for. They are not dealt with or included in the price of Forest View Carp Lake.


From the first Saturday of each month

Forest View can accommodate a maximum of 5 anglers. (4 if flying)

  • £1,500 for exclusive weeks use (Saturday 14.00pm - Saturday 10.00am)



  • Breakfast - £70 per person

  • Evening meal - £110 per person

  • Half board (breakfast and evening meal) - £160 per person

  • Full board ( breakfast, lunch and evening meal) - £200 per person





Bait & Equipment Packages (Click here to see detailed breakdown)

  • Gold bait - £200 (over 15% discount)

  • Silver bait - £140 (over 10% discount)

  • Bronze bait - £75 (over 5% discount) 


  • Gold equipment - £100

  • Silver equipment - £75

  • Bronze equipment - £35



Eating at the Lake



Full English, full continental or breakfast baguette

Lunch: (only on full board)


Baguettes or filled rolls

  • Ham, cheese, tuna, egg mayonnaise, 

  • Served with pickles, salad and condiments,

  • Crisps,

  • Local fresh fruit

  • Small sweet i.e. pastry, flapjack, brownie




Below is a range of home made evening meals.

Your group may want to select seven dishes before final payment. If you don’t we will supply what we think you will enjoy.

  1. Pie served with potatoes and vegetables

  2. Beef burger and chips with salad or baked beans

  3. Sausage and mash with onion gravy

  4. Ham, egg and chips

  5. Pizza served with chips and salad or baked beans

  6. Curry served with rice  - spice suited to group

  7. Lasagne, served with garlic bread and salad

  8. Fish and Chips served with peas or baked beans

  9. Cottage pie served with vegetables

  10. Chilli con Carne served with rice

  11. Spaghetti carbonara 

  12. Chicken Kiev served with dauphinois potatoes and vegetables

  13. Liver and onion served with mashed potato

  14. Variety of salads

A wide range of desserts will be available throughout the week and will be discussed with each group.


Times of meals can be arranged with each group on arrival. 


Please advise if anyone in your group has any allergies or other dietary requirements.