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Bait & equipment

Bait and Equipment

We’ve broken our bait and equipment deals into tiered packages. Each fisherman can choose which deal they want and can be unique to each person.




  • Gold – 15kg boilie, 15kg pellet, 15kg mixed particles - £200 (over 15% discount)

  • Silver – 10kg boilie, 10kg pellet, 10kg mixed particles - £140 (over 10% discount)

  • Bronze – 5kg boilie, 5kg pellet, 5kg mixed particles - £75 (over 5% discount)

You can add any extras you want before your trip or whilst on the lake.

  • Boilie - £10 per kilo

  • Pellet - £30 for 10 kilo

  • Mixed particle - £30 for 10 kilo

  • Maize - £20 for 10 kilo

  • Hemp - £40 for 10 kilo




All swims come with their own landing net, weigh sling and cradle at no cost. Please do not bring your own.


Any bed chairs or chairs needed can be supplied free of charge should you wish to use one.

Ultimately you will always need to supply your own sleeping bag, pillows and end tackle!!!


There is a refundable deposit of £50 needed from all anglers wishing to rent equipment.  It will be returned to you with your security deposit once all equipment has been checked for breakages at the end of your stay.  Fishing equipment is reserved for those flying in only.


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